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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 - PlayStation 4 English Edition

  • PlayStation 4

  • Konami

  • Release: Aug 28, 2018


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: 990 EGP

Special Price 599 EGP

off 40%


  • Player individuality taken to the next level, where skills and player strengths are more prominent in gameplay and motion. Introduction of 11 new skill traits which help enhance player uniqueness.
  • Visible fatigue - Players will give visual signs they are suffering with fatigue, or simply don't have enough energy to get back into position. Playing tired players will result in injury.
  • Quick subs available when ball goes out of play, with pre-set recommended changes also available.
  • Dribbling animation and fluidity now based on variety of factors, such as player positioning, distance from the ball, and proximity of the opposition.
  • New shooting mechanics, including unique animations based on player and ball position, as well as balancing of ball speed based on player skill and shooting situation

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